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Why our services?
  • Every Flash developer is facing security risks because of the fairly easy ways an Adobe Flash® SWF file can be decompiled and reverse engineered. Without protection, anyone can easily reconstruct your Adobe Flash® SWF files
  • Extremely easy to use. No need to license any software, you can use our product right away without registration
  • By far the cheapest way to protect your Adobe Flash® SWF file
What we can do
  • SWFLock protects your valuable sourcecode and content from Flash Decompilers by encrypting your Adobe Flash® SWF files
  • Prevent anyone to run your Adobe Flash® SWF file offline or on other websites by using the Domain Lock feature
  • Allow users to run the Adobe Flash® SWF file for a given Trial Period only
  • Protect your Adobe Flash® SWF file with a password using the Password Protection setting
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